Codeacademy Reflection

Codeacademy Reflection

Codeacademy, is a website that I had never heard before this class. It is a interactive website that works with you to create your own web pages and other web-based items such as Java-script. It works specifically with the use of HTML and CSS. These terms are the foundations of webpages; it is how they are created. The only other time I have used HTML is when Myspace was popular back in the day and you had to create your own profile page. It wasn’t as hard as this was because you would copy and paste HTML code direct from a webpage to put into your own profile. You didn’t have to create it yourself. As far as CSS, I had never heard of that before, period.

The first part of this project was for us students to go through the HTML and CSS: Part 1 tutorial. I was very nervous at first because I had never done anything like this before, other than Myspace. I think the most frustrating parts of working through this tutorial was trying to remember all the specific terms needed to create something in the webpage such as, the names of the colors or the names of the fonts. I would have to constantly go back to past exercises to find the correct term. I should have taken notes as I was doing the tutorial looking back on it. Probably the second hardest thing was actually doing the exercises correctly. I would go to click the finish button and it wouldn’t let me continue because I had missed something and then I had to spend more time to figure out what that was.  The easiest part of the exercises for me was the CSS part of the assignment. Once I had figured out the HTML, the CSS came much easier. I remembered most of the specific terms for colors and such by then so I was constantly having to go back. Some might say the little hints they gave made it too easy, but I disagree. Sometimes even those little hints weren’t enough for me to figure it out quickly.

My proudest moment doing this assignment would not necessarily be doing the tutorial itself but finally getting the exercises correct and on my people emich web page correctly. That was difficult for me because I couldn’t get the names of the files right and I kept making extra files. I also noticed when I finally got the finished exercises on my webpage, they didn’t look correct. I would have to go back and try to re-do them but some I just couldn’t get completely correct looking. The pictures were a little too big or off center. I would need to spend more time with HTML and CSS to get it totally right and the way I wanted it. When I finally got it done, thanks to our professor, I was very happy and proud of myself. Like I said earlier, they weren’t the best looking web pages, but they were good for a beginner in my opinion. I was very happy I finally got it done. I have never done anything like this before so I couldn’t believe I had finally did it.

For the second part of the assignment, I did a tutorial called, Learn Java. My reasoning for this choice was because I have heard of Java script but really had no idea what it was for. I only ever had to deal with it when it came up on my computer screen whenever I’ve tried to download something. I just clicked yes and didn’t know what it was about or anything. After using this tutorial, I had a much better understanding of it. It is a programming language that builds powerful communications across most types of computers like Mac and Windows. It is more complicated to do in my opinion that HTML because it’s more detailed and interactive. It is like HTML in that you use quotation marks to say something directly on it but it’s more detailed in the language used to create the website. I am glad we didn’t have to post anything what we did in the tutorial’s we pick ourselves because mine were not good. I didn’t finish the tutorial completely because it was very difficult and I just wasn’t getting it. But what I did work through was interesting and helpful to understanding what Java is. But I almost felt like I needed a tutor to understand how to use Java. As for HTML, I feel like I understand what it is as well as how to use it and I feel the same with CSS. I am not an expert by any means but I feel like I am at a good beginner status.

Overall, I enjoyed this project very much. It helped me discover what the internet is and how webpages are created. I don’t feel like an expert or anything, but I feel like I have a better understanding of what webpages are made of and how to use them. I feel like this is very important to learn and I am glad I got the opportunity to learn about it. I should know these things if I plan on getting a job using the internet with my Journalism degree. It will certainty help my resume and how I would do my job. If I could do it again, I would go back and work on the HTML/CSS projects that went on my people emich webpage. I would try to make the formatting better and be more detailed with my content. I don’t really care for the Java Script tutorial so I wouldn’t really want to go back to that unless it pertained to my future career. I did really like making a resume using the HTML/CSS. I think it really made it look much more professional than just a simple Word document one. I would like to go back to that for sure and make a even better one.

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