Progress Report 1

Progress Report 1

For this assignment, I am using Flickr and Tumblr. (Even their names are similar, I thought that was funny.) These are two social media applications/websites I have never used before (until now.) I have heard of Tumblr before but never Flickr.  I don’t know of any family or close friends that use either of these so I am basically doing these without having anyone to connect to on them (other than random people on these that I don’t know.) I will start with Tumblr.

Tumblr reminds me of Pinterest or maybe even Facebook in a way. It allows you to connect with friends or family (If they use it. Like I said earlier, I don’t know anyone that does; it doesn’t seem to be super popular yet among my immediate group.) I think what reminds me most of Pinterest when I use it, is that it lists tons of different things based on what you choose to see. Such as recipes, music, books, art, fashion, etc. You select what you want to see on your feed and it gives it to you. But the difference is, you can follow certain pages/blogs to see more things from that list it generates for you. I say blog because it calls the profile you have a “blog.” It is similar to Facebook in that you can post photos, videos, etc. like Facebook for your followers (or “friends” as it is on Facebook) to see. There is a difference in that by you can change the colors and style of your blog, which you can’t do on Facebook (which would be your “profile” on Facebook.) Just like Facebook, you can “Like” posts or share them to your blog by “re-blogging” them. It has a share button like on Facebook but the difference here is, instead of it posting to your blog; it just sends it as a message to a follower of your choosing. So far, I like it because it has tons of recipes, funny videos, etc. that I can see and share. It also connects to your Facebook, Twitter, etc. so my friends and family can see it on my Facebook account. But it doesn’t seem much better or different to me than the regular social media I use (i.e., Facebook and Instagram.)

Here is my Tumblr blog:

Flickr is a interesting application. I honestly wish I had downloaded it a long time ago. Reason being, it’s a online photo storage. It stores all your photos on to the app after downloading them (which did take awhile for me because I have no many pictures and it is a little slow.) It also acts as a social media site because you have followers or you can follow other people and check out their photos. But in order to do that; you must make the photos that it stores into your account “public” and then they are available for others to see on your “Photostream.” I haven’t done this yet because I’m not sure I want all my photos available for random people to see… I haven’t found any friends or family that use this app either. I think the main reason I like this is because it stores my photos in a back-up system. It would have come in handy for me when my phone broke recently and I had to get a new one. I guess my phone was backing up as it should have (thanks iPhone) and I lost all my pictures on that phone. Granted, some were posted to my social media accounts that I do use regularly, but some that I never posted were lost. So if I had this app, I wouldn’t have lost any pictures. (If I had uploaded them all before this happened to the app first.) One cool thing is, you can set your Flickr up with your Tumblr account. (Also Facebook and Twitter as well.) There are some other cool things with Flickr. Such as, “Creations.” You can use any of your photos (with good quality) and turn them into Wall Art. It costs money though; rather expensive. But, would make a lovely gift for someone for a special event. Also, I noticed you can only do the Creations when you are using the site on a web browser; not the app. It doesn’t show up on the app to use the Creation part of the site. But you can simply upload photos and do little edits to them (such as photo filters, cropping, etc) on just the app. Below is an example of what I mean by Wall Art:


Photo Credit

The first picture is one of my Creations on the site of my engagement ring. (It’s really too expensive so I don’t plan on getting it anytime soon.) And the second one is just a random search off Google Images to show you what it would look like on your wall.

My username on Flickr is “samanthawilson9.”

and the URL for the site is, “”

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