Progress Report 2

Progress Report 2

More time with these apps has shown me more how it works and has made me like the apps a bit more. I prefer Tumblr to Flickr now.For Flickr, I have been using it mainly for keeping all my photos uploaded so in case something happens to my phone, my app with keep all my photos safe. I think I prefer it so much because the iCloud on my phone won’t work and won’t back up my phone. I love looking through photos on Flickr on my feed and through searching. You can find photos from puppies to fancy cars. You can follow people that post photos and links you like. So I’ve started following people that post professional photos of things I like. I still haven’t made all my photos public. Only certain photos I have made public. I don’t have anyone I know in real life still on Flickr; no one I know has this app. I have told some family members about it because of the storage of photos but no one seems to care. It almost is giving me a feeling of loneliness as described in a lot of the texts we have been reading. I do and don’t want to use the app. No one I know uses it and that makes the app almost boring to me. It’s a strange feeling.

Tumblr is more interesting in my opinion. I love going through my feed and find recipes to use during the week. I haven’t really posted anything though. I don’t know anyone from real life that uses this app yet. (Literally almost everyone in my life just uses Facebook and/or Instagram.) Tumblr has so many options for things you can post. You can even make your own GIF’s. Which are like meme’s but its a few second video of something or someone, etc. Usually has a phrase or quote on it. So I’ve been making GIF’s because it is hilarious and fun to me. Here is an example of a GIF I made using Tumblr:


I couldn’t figure out how to keep something written on it; I’m still working with them. But I captioned it originally, “When your bestie is ready to go out and your too lazy to get up.” You can even post direct quotes and it makes you include the source. It won’t work unless you include a source; which is awesome. It keeps people honest. I’m still working with all the things I can post and do but I do like it more than Flickr. My feed is set to whatever I want to see so I can find just about anything. The pictures are awesome and there are funny things posted so I can usually cheer myself up. I really want to find people I know in real life on it or get people in my life on it.

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