Progress Report 3

Progress Report 3

I will start out with talking about Twitter and LinkedIn since I keep forgetting to talk about them. I have never really liked Twitter and I still don’t really like it. It just bores me. Its pretty much exactly the same as Facebook but you get less words to say it in. Because of only having so many words on Twitter you can type, I feel like it puts way more pressure on myself. (I don’t know if anyone else feels this way so I will put “myself” instead of “you.”) I feel like I have to use the few words I have to make something witty and clever. Which I don’t think I am either of those things. But anyways, to get to where I am now with this app, I still don’t feel I am any where else with it. I have used it more often because of this class, or at least tried to, but I always end up deleting something because I looked back later and didn’t like it. I should use it more because more journalists do use it for their online persona; to show their professional side. But, I just can’t get into it.

My Twitter account: @Samwilso92

Now LinkedIn, I do enjoy. It is like building a professional and public resume for employers you actually want to hire you to see. (By that I mean, not like, where you only get fast food and retail calling you.) It is helpful in finding resources to help you build your resume and other professional portfolios. By that I mean, everything you attach to your profile, must be approved by a faculty member of your college, in this case Eastern. If it is not, (which mine wasn’t approved the first time), they will email you that it wasn’t and thoroughly explain why it wasn’t and how to fix it. The email will also include contact information in case you need further help. You can create the profile how you want to, with a professional picture of yourself, personal information, etc. You can include other information that you wouldn’t (or at least I didn’t think of adding) think you add to your profile. Such as, the classes you have taken (which is great if you are looking for a particular job that pertains to that class) and the groups you are apart of on LinkedIn or that you follow. It is also great because you can search for jobs that are looking for your particular skill set. I will say, that I noticed it isn’t totally accurate when it tells you what jobs fit you perfectly. I was going through the 10 or so jobs it had listed as my perfect match and when I actually clicked the link and looked through them, it showed there was some qualifications I was missing but for some reason the website said I had them. (Or something close to them?) So, I had to watch that when I would apply to jobs. You can also make connections with teachers, other students, etc. So if you need references or recommendations you can get in contact with them easily. I would highly recommend any college student to get this app.

My LinkedIn account:

Now, on to the two sites I started just for this semester. I have been using them as regularly as I can. But I have noticed, keeping up with so many social media apps is almost impossible, especially with a full-time job and full-time classes. No matter what, I seem to favor one or two of them the most. In my case, Facebook and Instagram. But anyways, I do still favor Tumblr for Flickr. Tumblr is just more interesting and funny. Flickr simply fills my need for a back up photo storage. Which, if you don’t check it often, you will notice it doesn’t always keep the photos updated as you save and take pictures. I wish I could find some people from my Facebook and Instagram on Tumblr and Flickr, but I haven’t. No one I know seems to have one. Also as a warning, be careful when posting on sites outside of Facebook. (Or even another app.) If there is something you don’t want someone else to see, like a enemy or ex-best friend, and your social medias are all connected to each other, it will post to your other apps. For example, if you post something on Tumblr and it is connected to Facebook, it will show on your page.

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